Designer Feature - Laina

Laina is both the designer of the Laina collection, as well as the Creative Director of L'or de Seraphine. We asked Laina a few questions to learn what inspires and influences her designs and life.

How do you create a sanctuary within your own home?

I create sanctuary through both wellness and decor. I love scented bubble baths, with an ice coffee to keep me cool. Baths are a great way to clear my head when I have a lot going on. In terms of my decor, my couch is velvet, in a perfect shade of pink that’s actually called sangria. I’m always hunting for the perfect throw blankets to add even more color. I love mixing textures, but it all has to be cozy!

How do you add color to your home?

In addition to my sangria couch, I’ve just painted my bedroom a dramatic eggplant purple. It perfectly complements my citron yellow duvet and teal bed sheets. I also collect novelty pillowcases, and love to switch them up to match my mood.  

What is your favorite fragrance and why?

My go-to scent for boosting creativity is peppermint. It’s so stimulating and fresh. If I’m trying to unwind, I light a tropical, coconut, mango pineapple incense. It’s so delicious and cozy! I also have a gardenia essential oil that I dab on my wrists; it reminds me so much of my Grandma Esther, and is very comforting.

What are your inspirations for your Seraphine collection?

I was heavily influenced by vintage wallpapers, especially from the 60’s and 70’s. I am also an absolute sucker for vintage patterned dresses, and am a total thrift shop fiend!  

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