Entertaining With Style

A perfect table scape complete with an elaborate floral arrangement set aglow with candlelight can be beautiful yet intimidating, but adding a bit of glamour and whimsy to your table is easier than it looks. Here are some of our go to tips for entertaining with style.


In true maximal fashion, my mother taught me that the secret to laying a table is layering. Each layer adds something unique and completes the picture— whether it is color, texture, or height.  Always start with the linens. Are you using a tablecloth, placemat, or maybe both? Consider layering two or three tablecloths of different widths to add pattern and texture to the table. In selecting each layer of the tablescape, consider color, texture and height. More is more.


It’s fun to think seasonally. In Autumn we tend to steer more towards orange and browns, while during the holidays we go for deep reds and vibrant greens. This doesn’t have to be textbook though. You can pull inspiration from anywhere— the recipes you plan to cook or whatever beauties your florist has in stock. Once a color pallet is selected, a few small touches can weave that color pallet together. Details as simple as tying a colored ribbon around napkins, swap out your tapers for a different color, or add in colored water glasses can have a huge impact.


Go for what’s in season and be brave. Don’t be afraid to mix varieties or colors. When arranging your vases height is crucial so try to have a mix of small and tall bud vases. You can also think outside the box as to what actually goes in your vases or pots. Ferns, herbs and even lemons make for a magnificent arrangement and not only do they last a long time, they are cost effective too.


Entertaining goes well beyond the food you serve and the table you set. Above all, making your guests feel relaxed, welcome and at home is paramount, so put on that playlist, light your candles, and set the mood. The mood of the gathering will leave the most lasting impression.