Fall Into Autumn

As the fall chill creeps in, it’s time to turn our attention indoors, and make our homes warm, cozy and autumn ready.  Warm, autumnal colors, fabulous cozy textures, and the fragrant scent of burning woods and spice all combine to make home a fabulous place to hide out come the cold weather!

Layer chenille upon velvet upon woolly knits, adding in throw pillows upon which to nap or watch the fire, and set out some new leather or wood coasters for hot chocolate, mulled cider, or dark inky red wine.  

Most importantly, set the stage by lighting an autumn scented candle to create a cocoon of deliciousness you may never want to leave! Our Ares and La Pietra candles feature the woody scent of cedarwood, and Varanasi features Indian sandalwood. The exotically dressed Hestia is a musk based fall scent that plays well with fall decor.  Jazzy Poppy is season perfect, with her notes of cardamom, holly berry and pine. She’s winter-friendly and oh so funky.  Aurora is the well-dressed elegant grand dame, filling a room with warm almond and vanilla. 

Check out our scent & sound playlist to round out the sensory story you’ve created! A great classic soundtrack sets the perfect stage for the season.