Home-Care As Self-Care

In the past, the curation of one’s space as a form of self-care has been rather overlooked. But for people who are engaging with it, it’s not only changing the way they interact with and perceive their space, it’s helping improve their overall lives, and in some cases, even their mental health. 

Creating a physical space that you feel really good in— creating your sanctuary— helps to allow for those self-care moments to be extra impactful. Adding small details into your home that set the tone for your self-care, even details as small as a bouquet of flowers, a cozy throw blanket, or a piece of art that speaks to you, can really help to set a tone and create the right atmosphere.  The right fragrance can also transform a space, and the essential oils can deeply impact your mood as well. 

As we spend significantly more time inside this fall and winter, it is worth rethinking how we approach our home-care. Here are some of our favorite home products that help to create just the right ambiance:

Plants: Indoor plants don’t just look good, they make us feel good mentally and physically, too. Adding plants to your space can go a long way in livening up your home, but caring for and nurturing your plants can be extremely relaxing as well. Indoor plants are proven to boost mood, productivity, concentration and creativity! The Sill is a great resource, not only to buy plants but for loads of helpful plant-care information as well. 

Linen Sheets: Linen Sheets are a wonderfully simple luxury— they add a sense of effortless chic to a bedroom with their relaxed texture, but they are also unbelievably comfortable and breathable. Try the linen sets from Brooklinen in a range of beautiful colors.  

Cozy Throw Blanket: The perfect throw blanket can add an extra pop of color in your room, but it should also be cozy and comforting. The Sunrise Throw is made from native, organically-grown, chemical-free cotton, and is handwoven in a process that takes around three weeks. The delicate, hand-stitched details and soft stripes on this piece elevate and add comfort to your space. 

Matching Pajama Sets: Once you’ve filled your home with all of the perfect items to create your sanctuary, a matching set of beautiful and comfortable cotton pajamas are the perfect finishing touch for a lazy day at home. Desmond & Dempsey pajama sets are sure to give you pleasant dreams, thanks to their soft organic cotton and stunning patterns. Their materials are ethically-sourced, meaning you can sleep easy, knowing you’re looking gorgeous and helping the planet.

Candles: Fragrance is also a huge part of creating your atmosphere. Shop our L'or de Seraphine candles to find the perfect fragrance and design to complement your space.