At L'or de Seraphine, we strive to elevate and personalize your sanctuary to create a sacred space. What more sacred space is there than our shared sanctuary, Mother Earth. We believe that honoring this space is a given, and have taken many steps to protect, nurture and replenish her. 

One way that we do this is by offering a secondary use for our candles in your home - that being, a part of your decor. We encourage you to get creative with how you reuse your vessels - here are some ways that we love to give them new life.

Pro Tip: To remove the wax from your candle vessel, stick it in the freezer over night and in the morning the wax should pop right out when you flip the vessel upside-down. If it doesn’t, use a spoon or butter knife to press down on one corner of the wax to lift and remove. You can then rinse the vessel with soap and warm water to remove any residue before repurposing.