Scent & Sound - Zoe No. 07

As important as candles are to setting a mood and creating ambiance, they are like a fine wine in need of a cheese pairing. The perfect playlist can go a long way in complimenting your candle selection and transforming your space and your mood. 

Our Zoe candle, with fragrance No. 07, features notes of sea salt & violet. It immediately transports you to a scenic seaside, where the smell of sea salt carried by gusty winds, and a view of crashing waves for miles, creates an instant sense of calm.

Light Zoe No. 07 and lose yourself in this mix full of empowering and uplifting pop songs inspired by the feeling of relaxing on a sunny coastline with crashing waves surrounding you for miles miles. Combined with the scent and uplifting energy of oranges and violets, it creates not just a special sanctuary – but a magnetic environment you won’t want to leave.