Sunday Sanctuary - Alana Oates

An interview with Alana Oates, founder of Llani hand embellished shoes & accessories, on how she creates her own Sunday Sanctuary. 

How do you create sanctuary in your life?

I try to make a beautiful space for myself while I slip into something comfortable but also pretty. my favorite pajamas are either a comfy cotton set from print fresh or washable silk from the glad hours. 

What are your favorite self care products?

A good bath is necessary for me to relax. Scented Epsom salts help my muscles revive from travel. after a bath, I love the body stone by Kate McLeod. it’s so moisturizing and it smells incredible. Of course, I always have a candle lit, too. 

What are your favorite Sunday activities that prepare you for the week ahead?

Sundays for me are best spent with my husband and daughter. Making sure I get this day with family makes it easier for me to focus on the work week come Monday. We usually go to the park or take a trip to the beach.

What is your favorite L'or de Seraphine candle?

Currently, I’m burning Ares. The sage and cedarwood scent is perfect in our living room because it’s balanced and earthy.  I love the beautiful ceramic motif as it reminds me of my travels in Jaipur.