Sunday Sanctuary - Katie Hunt

An interview with Katie Hunt, Co-Founder & CRO of SHOWFIELDS and Co-Founder of The Fund, on how she creates her own Sunday Sanctuary. 

 How do you create sanctuary in your life? 

I have never been big on meditating, but there is something about movement that allows me to let my brain process. While time is more limited these days, the moments when I feel most relaxed are the moments that I am moving just for the joy of it. From walking, to long runs, to late night dancing with my friends, movement lets me stop thinking and fully be present. Though, I would also never turn down a deep tissue massage...  

What are your favorite self-care products? 

One of the amazing benefits of working with so many emerging brands at SHOWFIELDS is that I am constantly trying new products. I get excited to unwrap a new brand and try it out, and am constantly amazed by how many incredible things are being created by such talented people.

Recent favorites include Nuria Defend Gentle Exfoliator, Color Wow Dream Coat, which will completely change your hair, Skylar Isle Perfume, and Each and Every Rose and Vanilla Deodorant. Most of the things that the team discovers and falls in love with end up at SHOWFIELDS, so part of the discovery process is about getting to share each of these things with our audience.

What are your favorite Sunday activities that prepare you for the week ahead? 

I love to wake up early, but have nowhere to be. One of the most relaxing things for me is to have a completely empty schedule so that I can take my time. My weeks are filled with meetings, tours, and talking, so in contrast my Sundays are usually about being quiet. 

I walk my dog Rome through the park next to my house while still in pjs and a sweatshirt. One of the benefits about my street is that I very rarely bump into anyone I know, so I stopped caring about my 7AM dog walking outfits long ago.  Next up I make a double espresso and cook breakfast. I hit the farmers market on Saturdays so that on Sunday morning there are always fresh eggs, butter and fruit in my fridge. It is in stark contrast to the Caviar delivery order that I normally place at 11AM during the week and consume between meetings.

The rest of the day is completely dependent on my mood. Sometimes I get back in bed and read with Rome, sometimes I walk over to the store just to understand how the Sunday traffic is, and sometimes I meet friends for a late lunch or movies or beers and football. The whole point of Sunday for me is to not have a plan so that I can just kick back and enjoy it.

What is your favorite L’or de Seraphine candle?

Whitby! I have a thing for blue and white and the scent is absolutely perfect. The reason I am so excited to have L’or de Seraphine at SHOWFIELDS, and in my home, is that their scents are never overpowering, just the right amount to make a room feel welcoming and warm. Also, who can resist two incredible female founders looking to create a whole new paradigm in the self care industry!