Sunday Sanctuary - Katie Kaps

An interview with Katie Kaps, Founder of Higher DOSE, on how she creates her own Sunday Sanctuary.

How do you create sanctuary in your life?
I make an effort to surround myself with products and rituals that uplift me and visuals as well as music that inspires me.  For instance, I always start my day with dry brushing, body oil, and an invigorating cold shower.  My space is decorated with art and keepsakes that remind of people that I love, trips I've taken, and things I want to achieve.  I always have music playing and candles burning to set the mood.

What are your favorite self-care products?
I love body oils, dry brushes, the HigherDOSE sauna blanket and CBD oil. I really enjoy fragrances both for my self and my space. I love lighting L'or de Seraphine candles at home.

What are your favorite Sunday activities that prepare you for the week ahead?
I love the HigherDOSE infrared sauna. I also do my best to do some type of cold therapy whether it's a cold shower or a cold plunge.  I love doing pilates and watching Gaia TV, and I always make sure to spend some time cleaning and organizing for the week ahead. 

What is your favorite L’or de Seraphine candle?
I absolutely love Varanasi. The fragrance is amazing and the candle's design is gorgeous.