Sunday Sanctuary - Kerin Rose

An interview with Kerin Rose, founder of A-Morir and columnist at Nylon magazine, on how she creates her own Sunday Sanctuary. 

How do you create sanctuary in your life?
I am super affected by energies (sounds super woo-woo, I know) and my home and my studio (where I work every day) are full on sanctuaries. My spaces are filled with things that bring a smile to my face; tons of tchotchke, books, music, and pictures. Both my studio and my home have too many disco balls. My apartment is black and my studio is white, which helps me feel the separation from home and work. And I find sanctuary in my friends, and especially my husband. It doesn't matter where I am if I'm surrounded with good people. I've also hacked my life so my commute to work is only 12 minutes by foot, and that commute involves walking through one of my favorite public parks in NYC; getting that little bit of nature every day provides a much needed sanctuary. I have a no phone policy in the park, which forces me to center myself at the beginning and end of every day.

What are your favorite self-care products?
A luxury gym membership, healthy organic whole foods, and a good mattress, and crystals (the bling kinds, not the healing kind) are my self care products of choice. I am very frugal and easy going in most areas of my life, especially when it comes to typical self care things. My favorite moisturizer is from Trader Joes, most of my skincare regiment is from the wildly affordable The Ordinary, and I remodeled our bathroom last year and got rid of our bathtub. But I spend a lot of money on produce, on a gym membership, and I finally got a new mattress two years ago and good food, good sleep, and a good sweat keep me balanced, sane, and calm, which a good bath or a face mask has never succeeded in doing for me!

What are your favorite Sunday activities that prepare you for the week ahead?
Every Sunday morning I go to a spin class at my gym; I love waking up early on a Sunday and enjoy a full day! My husband and I make breakfast when I get back and then we put on some "background TV" and do something creative for a few hours if neither one of us has a looming deadline to hit. During the summer we usually find a new recipe to test out, walk around the city in the late afternoon and pick up groceries on the way home for a delicious dinner. When it gets cold we maximize our creative time at home and our walk is to and from the grocery store.  We always wind down on Sunday night with a new movie or TV show, and I write a handwritten to-do list for Monday before I go to bed (I write to-do lists every night from Sunday-Thursday and it helps me prepare for every day.)

Favorite candle?
Aurora- it's so clean and sexy!!