Sunday Sanctuary - Shibani Faehnle

An interview with Shibani Faehnle, entrepreneur and lifestyle blogger at Bombay Taxi Boutique, on how she creates her own Sunday Sanctuary. 

How do you create sanctuary in your life? 
I read a lot (I’m already over 80 books for 2019) and I love a good sheet mask. But a lot of my self care involves walking with my husband and our 3 dogs and cooking!! 

What are your favorite self-care products?
I LOVE K-beauty sheet masks and doing my own nails at home.

What are your favorite Sunday activities that prepare you for the week ahead?
Sometimes I like to wake up early and pick up some donuts for breakfast. Other times it’s a quiet morning at home with some coffee, and my favorite L’or de Seraphine candle and a magazine. Sunday is when I pursue some of my more interesting hobbies. This year I’ve gotten into tarot reading. My husband, Nick, and I love brunching around Cleveland. After which it’s time for a long walk with the dogs and a nap for all of us. Since I have a full time job I like to spend my weekends on creating content for my blog. Sunday dinner is either a really elaborate affair when I’m motivated or a cheese + charcuterie board when I’m not!

Which L’or de Seraphine candle is your favorite? 
I like to change my home scents with the seasons so I’m really enjoying Poppy right now!