Aromatherapy Energize Set

Aromatherapy Energize Set


These candles just might be your new secret weapon for all-day alertness-who needs that extra cup of coffee! Citrusy aromas like lemon and grapefruit banish feelings of sleepiness and sluggishness. Light these up and play this playlist first thing in the morning for a day of focus and productivity.

The Mansour Marrakech candle, with fragrance No. 25, is infused with essential oils, and features notes of lemon, bergamot, ginger dusted citrus, and touches of apple, juniper and clove above peppered jasmine and tobacco, No. 25 is a complex scent that both energizes and excites the senses.

The Maia candle, with fragrance No. 12, is infused with essential oils, and features notes of grapefruit, lily of the valley, & coriander, No. 12 is sure to invigorate and brighten any mood.

  • Candle Volume: Small - 2.65 oz, Medium - 6.4 oz, Large - 17 oz
  • Burn time: Small - 25 hours, Medium - 45 hours, Large - 80 hours
  • Ceramic candle container 
  • Gift-boxed
  • Proprietary sustainably sourced palm wax blend
  • Sustainable, ecologically-sound manufacturing
  • Featuring essential oils 
  • No animal testing
  • Phthalates and parabens free
  • 100% organic cotton wicks


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