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Breathe in well-being with the limited-edition L’or de Seraphine x Lori Weitzner collaboration. Best known for her contributions to the world of textiles, Lori Weitzner combines modern techniques with unconventional materials to evoke curiosity, calm and beauty. She travels the globe in search of meaningful inspiration, fusing it with a deep love of the home, and creating products that are imbued with soul and exude a sophisticated warmth. Much of Lori’s inspiration comes from the architecture, nature and wellness rituals of the places that she visits, which she conveys thought color, texture, and pattern; weave, print and knit. The L’or de Seraphine x Lori Weitzner Collection honors these destinations of inspiration through texture rich designs and thoughtful fragrances. May each candle bring you a unique moment of rejuvenation and pause.

notes | sage & ecalyptus

Inspired by Lori’s travels through India, Asana is named for the grounding meditative poses practiced in yoga. The scalloped arch pattern of the vessel draws on both the arches found in Indian architecture as well as the movements of the body as it transitions through yoga Asanas. Infused with essential oils, and featuring notes of sage and eucalyptus, Fragrance No. 29 is spiritual and transportive. The woody earthiness of Fragrance No. 29 promotes a positive energy.

notes | Massoia Wood, Amber, Sandalwood, Patchouli

Diam, which translates to “be still” in Indonesian, draws its inspiration from Indonesian flower bathing—a practice which soothes and relaxes. The floral design floats along the vessel, quieting the mind. Infused with essential oils, and featuring notes of massoia, amber, sandalwood, and patchouli, Fragrance No. 06 is warm and seductive. Exotic Indonesian woods blend with inviting florals to create a deeply sensual and mystical fragrance.

notes | Teakwood, Citrus, Sandalwood

Float is inspired by Lori’s travels in Turks and Caicos and the incredible healing power of water. Simply being near water calms the mind and creates a meditative state. Feel the coastal breeze against your skin as the sun peaks behind the swaying palms and the rhythmic hum of the tide washes over you. Take in the intricate pattern that emerges as the tide pulls back along the sand. Infused with essential oils, and featuring notes of teakwood, citrus, and sandalwood, No. 11 is both soothing and awakening.

notes | matcha + Citrus

Kiku, meaning “listen” in Japanese, is inspired by the Japanese practice of Forest Bathing—connecting with nature and slowing down to listen to your surroundings, hearing the leaves rustle and the birds chirp. Featuring a pressed ginkgo leaf motif, Kiku incorporates the Japanese practice of bringing nature into the home. Delicate and fresh, the herbal scent of matcha is sweetened with a subtle splash of citrus to awaken and invigorate the senses. Infused with essential oils and featuring notes of matcha, lemongrass and bamboo, No. 17 is both revitalizing and energizing.

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