Transformation In An Instant

What Guides Us

We believe in the power a candle’s light and fragrance have to calm us, reconnect our hearts and souls and heal our spirits. Our rich tranquil fragrances are a love letter to the natural world and an homage to the joyful and sweet sentiments they evoke. L’or de Seraphine fills your world with a poetic ambiance that transforms any space into a personal sanctuary.

Design Meets Fragrance

Presented in ceramic containers designed with the patterns and color palettes of internationally awarded design houses, L’or de Seraphine makes home fragrances for everyone who seeks to express their personal style through the ambiance and design of their home. Our unique fragrance blends complement the decorative vessels that they are in in order to transform your mood and create an ambiance.

Our Ingredients

Our candles feature a sustainably sourced palm blend wax as well as fragrances containing essential oils and fragrant florals inspired by ancient rituals. Each essential oil is carefully chosen for aromatherapy benefits that complement the design and fragrance. Our wick is a 100% organic cotton, and our candles are cruelty free, ethically sourced, and free from parabens and phthalates.

About Dara and Laina

Dara and Laina grew up with a deep appreciation for design. Watching their mother work as an interior designer, they saw the role design plays in transforming a space, setting a mood, and creating a home.

As they began burning candles in their own homes and experimenting with the benefits of aromatherapy, Dara and Laina were captivated by the power of scent to elicit, capture, and convey emotions in much the same manner as design.

The sisters’ love of strong design, combined with their ever-growing passion for scent, led to the birth of L’or de Seraphine.