Marble 4 Piece Bundle

Marble 4 Piece Bundle

Warm & Woody
The Vibe
A burst of creativity.
Smells like
Suede, Tobacco, Palo Santo, Incense, Apricot, Peony, Fresh Greens, Jacaranda
Frida: Fresh greens, deep woods, jacaranda, cardamom, amber, cypress musk, Juniper Berry
Billie: Cardamom, incense, pimento berry, saffron, plum, tobacco, palo santo
Iris: Apricot, Freesia, Peony, Iris, Rose, Geranium, Lily of the Valley, Musk
Joan: Garden Herbs, Suede, Rose, Palo Santo, Incense, Sandalwood

Some like stripes, others prefer plaid, but our maximalist take on creating a signature pattern is the always one-of-a-kind marble print. Bold and neutral, exuberant and approachable, we're bringing this centuries-old technique of paper marbling up-to-date in striking color combos that can easily fit into any room.

The art of marbling was started in the 1100s.
The Good Stuff
Carefully created candles for a happy home and planet.
RSPO Certified Palm Wax
100% Organic Cotton Wick
No Parabens, No Pthalates
Reusable ceramic vessel
No Synthetic Dyes
Essential Oils
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